Wheel of the Year Goddess self-study e-course


Wheel of the Year Goddess self-study e-course



  • Brigid
  • Inanna
  • Artemis
  • Cerridwyn


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In this 4-part series, we explore goddesses related to each of the four seasons, starting with Brigid, beloved Celtic triple goddess of healing, word (written and spoken), and smithcraft or the alchemy of fire during the cold winter months. The springtime is devoted to Inanna, the intrepid goddess who journeyed into the Underworld and back to release her wounds and claim her sovereignty. She teaches us to do the same. The summer brings us the power, passion and prowess of Artemis, goddess of the hunt and moon. Originally a mother goddess, she carries the archetypal energy of the activist, athlete, mentor, and independent woman. In the fall, we meet Cerridwyn, the sorceress and mother/crone shapeshifter whose lessons are about transformation in the cauldrons of our being.

While this course was designed to work with a different goddess each season, you can choose to work with one, two, three or all four goddesses whenever you like. It is suggested you start your work with a particular goddess on the New Moon, which is the beginning of a lunar cycle that last about 29 days, the same as a woman's menstrual cycle.

The magic and mystery of the goddess is there for each of us when we feel called to work with a particular archetypal feminine energy. Sometimes we consciously seek a goddess and archetype to work with and move into, and other times an archetype is activated within us without our consciously knowing why or what is moving through us. Consciously working with a goddess archetype helps us bring this feminine energy into full power, allowing us to learn from these goddesses as spiritual guides.